Collaborative Metrix brings old and new ideas in data analysis together to provide our clients with insight-driven analytics.

Our team embodies the idea of collaboration within itself and with our clients.


We collaborate in two distinct and important ways for our clients.

  • First, our broad experience in distribution and manufacturing operations provides a foundation that most analytics consultants and business intelligence software companies lack.
  • Secondly, our depth of experience in ERP solutions, business intelligence software, and our technical background in advanced analytics lets our team deliver predictive analytics that is meaningful, useful, and actionable to distribution and manufacturing companies.

To save and or make more money, improve profits, reduce risks and gain greater control over your business.

Artificial Intelligence is the number one place larger companies are investing in technology today.  It is being used as a competitive weapon against you, or by you against your competition.

For the CIO:It meeting

Artificial Intelligence isn’t as complicated as the hype being used to sell it implies.

Most data science professionals dislike the term “artificial intelligence”.  It is too broad, lacks depth, and is totally overused.  Data science has gone by different terms over time and some of those are the likely preferred by practitioners outside of the marketing-speak.

As computing power and cloud computing have evolved in the past few years, data science that was practiced by only specialized consultants working for large corporations on specialized projects is now within reach of feasible utility for midsize companies.

There is no doubt that what works for large companies 10 years ago in data science is not useful for midsize companies today.  CMi uses proven data science practices married to new database technologies designed for data science.  We utilize cloud resources so midsize companies do not need to buy and install specialized servers.     Our time to delivering useful, insightful predictions is a fraction of what it would have taken even just 5 years ago.

Now is the time to explore data science.

IT PCFor the IT director:

Someone in your company says they need to get into AI.  Likely, this is coming from a high-level person who sees and hears about competitors deploying artificial intelligence.  That is a powerful motivator.

In the past, that has meant a large project that takes a long time.  You have heard the horror stories.

Large companies are already deploying AI models over business operations using ERP and CRM data.  Those endeavors necessarily require input from IT.  The large companies can carve out a couple of people to work on the AI teams.  Midsize companies don’t have that excess of people.

Now is not the past.  AI (and the terms that preceded it) are much easier to implement than before.  Computing power, software, cloud services, and wider spread understanding is bringing AI to midsize companies fast.  Specialist partners like CMi provide the industry knowledge regarding AI.  Your IT people are still needed but rather than being assigned to work as a full-time team member, your IT staff only needs to be a reference resource that we work with.

We need the ERP and CRM data.  Not a lot of different fields but we do need your knowledge of the database and IT architecture to be able to get periodic snapshots of data to our systems for AI modeling and predictions.

We then also need your assistance in getting those predictions back into your data center.  We can host the predictions database too in order to make it even easier for you line of business departments to get insightful AI predictive modeling.

Using our proven practices for data science, CMi can get meaningful AI predictive modeling working with your data inside of a few weeks.  Our ongoing service updates the models with fresh data using the periodic snapshots we work together to schedule and deliver.

We work together.  Data science is necessarily a team effort.  One that needs IT.


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