Value Proposition

What to expect if you implement our models


Your sales and marketing teams are supported by these models and more:

  • Provide sales and marketing guidance on how to best convert a prospect into a customer.
  • Prompt salespeople to focus on decreasing or increasing buying trends by customers.
  • Spot customers most likely to cease doing business with you in the near term. This is also known as Churn.


  • Improve customer satisfaction by contacting customers at the right frequency, time and day you are most likely to connect with them. It also will inform you how they prefer to be contacted.
  • We feed your staff and systems with cross-sell suggestions in order to increase revenue
  • We help you categorize customers allowing you to focus efforts on the most likely group of customers to purchase select items. Use this to provide targeted promotions.
  • Sort and estimate the potential value of a prospect. This allows your team to target a market and convert the more desirable prospects into customers.


  • We help you to segment customers into those most valuable for targeted marketing and sales initiatives.
  • We help you reduce unnecessary global item discounts or those initiated randomly by your salesperson.


  • We provide sales and marketing with more accurate predictions of what should have been ordered by item groupings when compared to similar customers. This is a new dynamic view and a productive variation of cross-selling.

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We assist with your purchasing and inventory management team with these models and more:

  • We help you minimize the impact of dead stock by spotting declining sales by item and allowing your team to take necessary action to increase sales or reduce inventory to low-risk levels.
  • We help you quantify your vendors’ ability to supply standing orders and desired products timely.
  • We track product reject rates at the time of receiving. This allows you to demand better packaging and shipping methods.
  • You are provided the trend and prediction of defects that cause scrap. These include individual item defects occurring at the time of purchase, manufacture or modification. This allows you to focus on fixing the process and to take permanent corrective action.
  • Analyze performance by a vendor and their ability to deliver specific products on demand (non-standing orders).
  • We provide data to help you train and support purchase timing and estimated quantities for date sensitive products to reduce spoilage and product write-offs.
  • You are provided the information to assist in the training of warehousing personnel to manage and store dated products by their control codes.

g3Your finance and logistics teams will be provided with these models and more:

  • Metrics provide data that allows you to train and support pickers with the goal to reduce picking errors which improve customer satisfaction.
  • Provide management with information prior to the predicted loss of a customer to allow an action to be taken before it is too late.
  • Allow management to forecast product returns by reason, customer, and product. This allows for actions to be taken to prevent these costly transactions.
  • Spot changes in customer payment trends to provide quantified predictions of credit risk changes to help in reducing write-offs.

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