Artificial and Augmented Intelligence (AI) can be complicated. Unfortunately, many technical practitioners make it more complicated than it needs to be.

When you are developing AI for self driving cars, robotic surgery or other activities Botwhere a single mistake can be extremely costly or even deadly. Getting it right the first time in deployment is highly important. If you are using AI in a business process, accuracy is important but so is speed, understandability, and ability to integrate predictions and recommendations into existing business processes.

Collaborative Metrix has taken several of their proven processes and incorporated them into Microsoft PowerBI dashboards. We have taken portions of our code and used capabilities for AI processes Microsoft has incorporated into PowerBI.

These are easy to use ways for companies to experiment with AI for business processes.
PowerBI is a great medium to use for targeted AI analytics. It is free to use as a desktop application and that is how we design the processing.

There are four areas that we have available:

  • Cross Sell – Use your sales history to sell more in the future
  • Web2Sales – Merges web site usage data with ERP sales history to spark salespeople to sell more
  • Shipping Analytics – See what factors indicate losing money on shipping, track and predict these factors too
  • Customer Retention – Spot customers who are in danger of leaving you

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How It Works?

The PowerBI files are standalone except they do need your data copied and pasted into a preformatted Microsoft Excel file.

The Microsoft Excel file is taken into the PowerBI. Our AI code runs inside the PowerBI file. Depending on the amount of data you have, this may take a few seconds or several minutes. Once the AI code completes, the output of predictions is presented in the PowerBI Dashboards.

Cross Sell OutputThere are some limits. The most important is Microsoft Excels limit of approximately 1 million records.

Many of our customers would also like to store the results to track them over time. While PowerBI does allow people to download the predictions in a file, the predictions are not stored inside PowerBI from one run to the next. The predictions presented are always using the fresh data in the Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to do more than what is included in the PowerBI file, we would be happy to help you.