Giant competitor breathing down your neck?

Big Companies Use Their Big Data to Beat YOU!

Large companies loudly proclaim their investments in machine learning and predictive analytics.  It is often labeled as Artificial Intelligence.  The concept is to let the machines do the bulk of the work and have humans only deal with setting the rules and judging the exceptions.  It has been an unfair advantage for the large companies, simply because they can afford it.

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Now you can too!

While everyone needs to be concerned about traditional industry leaders and how they are using predictive analysis to beat you, we now must be concerned about the game-changing competition from outside of traditional channels.

Are you still using sexy but inferior tools?

Using report writing tools, management works hard to view what has happened in the company.  Data is sorted, prioritized and displayed in charts and dashboards. These are sexy tools requiring a lot of work to be effective.

Unless you have superpowers, you will be challenged to see the subtle changes in hundreds and thousands of records.

Types of analytical tools

  • Descriptive – Historic reportings
  • Diagnostic – Historic analysis looking for cause and effect

Projected analytics – seeing into the future is our focus and should be yours!

  • Predictive – Forecast with intelligence
  • Prescriptive – Delivered Machine Driven Action Items and Initiatives

Let the machine make decisions and take action when operations are projected to stay in a good range and hand them to you when future projections are going to go outside the desired range.

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