Automating Analysis

This example overlays many possible combinations because trending creates predictions based upon any category and predicting futures based upon relative numeric values.  These predicted trends can then be influenced by outward factors.

Trending Options

Predictive Analytics Use More than simple Linear Regressions

An ensemble methodology is applied to many models

Trend Hurricane

Allowing for separate yet relatable files and influencers

Combine different algorithm predictions

Usually more accurate over time

Smooths unusual variances in predictions

Simple Data Input

Common Historical Transaction File

Trend Data

Trending Prediction Flowchart

Trend Flow

Model Creation Over Historical Data

Trend Modeling

Trend Predictions Places Data in Database

      Compatible with any databaseTrend Predictions

Examples of Reporting

Trend Reporting

Alerts, Triggers Allow Tailoring of Automating Actions  

  • Integrate into ERP and CRM application processes
  • Simple triggers in the database can cause action based on values
  • Actions might include many potential destinations

Trend output

Benefits to Trending

Trend Benefits

  • Increased Sales
  • Reduced Risks
  • Improved financial Planning
  • Logistical Planning
  • Management Tools
  • Manage by Exception and/or Extremes


Example 3 Customer Churn

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