We help them. They help us. We help you. You help us.

We all WIN!


Helping Each Other – The purpose of collaboration is to multiply the results that one alone can accomplish.  We do this in several very distinct ways.  First, we recognize that many of our clients have the same needs for additional products and services.  We work with a number of vendors who are helping our clients  We help them and they help us.  We have partnered with the better suppliers so that can introduce them to you.  We help you.  Ultimately you will help us improve our products and services so we can collaborate with others too.

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Shared Content and Results – Secondly, when available, we thread our machine learning models to pull data from the collaborative partners’ data and combine it with your system’s data to predict and prove results.  This makes for a repeatable process and continuous improvement.

For example, we can combine data from Right Fit Profiles (see below) after you hire an employee and combine it with data about this employee from within your enterprise system to help measure productivity that can validate that this employee was indeed a great hire!

Tools Make the Job Easier – The improvement in human existence is directly tied to theTools use of tools.  The advancement of technology is no different.  Tools are built to lighten the load of each of us creating our own set of tools and sharing the development indirectly with many others to make them more affordable and powerful.  We, therefore, collaborate with technology tools partners so that we can provide you with more affordable and scalable results.

Our Collaborators 

Please let our partners know you found them here when you contact them.

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Right Fit Profiles provides tools to assess how individuals are prepared, motivated, and engaged in their work.

Learn how Right Fit Profiles can help your organization identify and develop top talent who can drive high performance in leadership, administrative, sales, call center, and many other positions.

Right Fit Profiles Learn more here

I have known and worked with Jerry at Right Fit Profiles for over 15 years.  Please let me know if you would like a warm introduction. – Mike Blair 


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We are passionate about great marketing, clear messaging and systematic lead generation. We believe that process powers consistency, which results in impact and results.

Leading Results – Learn more here

Dan at Leading results has proven year after year how to manage your marketing dollars wisely.  Please let me know if you would like a warm introduction to Dan. – Mike Blair 



Optimum LogoProviding Payroll, Human Resources, and Time and Attendance – Optimum is one of the few vendors to provide all 3 primary HRIS applications. Beyond that, all of our applications are completely integrated – sharing one employee database – to prevent duplicated efforts and synchronization problems.

Deployment options include both in-house and cloud options. In-house software is built for both Microsoft Windows and IBM i (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i) platforms. They also offer a cloud-based SaaS solution (OptiCloud®). They build software that both streamlines your processes, and fits your operational requirements.

Optimum Solutions – Learn more here

When you are dealing with highly confidential people you must depend upon those you can trust emphatically.  Bob and the people he employs are some of the most honest people I know.  Please let me know if you would like a warm introduction to Bob.  – Mike Blair 


Computec LogoSupplying world-class enterprise-wide software.  With CompuTec Integrated Solutions, you not only gain access to a breadth of services, but you also partner with a certified team of specialists who can help you devise a strategic plan around your particular needs.

Computec Integrated Solutions – Learn more here

I have known and worked with Mick for over 25 years.  He is deeply committed to his customers’ success and keeps them for life.  Please let me know if you would like a warm introduction to Mick.  – Mike Blair