Where ISVs are getting it wrong

Written by Jesse Lard – posted by Bulldogblair Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors sell fairly complete solutions, but there are many things they don’t do well. That’s where Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) come in, to fill in the information gaps in order to create a more… Read More

Is a category 5 coming to your industry?

The use of predictive analyses is relative – don’t understand, ask my neighbors! Recently a lot of tragic and terrifying events have been in the news.  Earthquakes in the Anchorage Alaska area fires in northern California and I personally have experience with Hurricane Michael.  Let me start with Michael.  My residence was in the hurricane… Read More

Caught Outside Looking In…

My partners and I have worked with hundreds of independent business people.  They are a fabulous bunch who have, in most cases, built a good business out of an idea.  Their knowledge, charm, and fortitude led them to a position of relative success.  Some of these businesses are churning out profit and keeping many people… Read More