First Uses of the Cross Sell AI in PowerBI

We have a couple of first users of our no charge Cross Sell artificial/augmented intelligence (AI) systems in Microsoft PowerBI.  Still early for most but here are a couple of ideas people are doing.

One customer is exploring the recommendations as they are presented in their dashboard.  They are using the cross sell recommendations to target only a handful of products right now.  Still the sales manager expects to work on training his sales team on cross selling several high value product sets that the data highlights.  With continued success they expect they will expand the use in the future.

Another customer is downloading the cross-sell recommendations for use on their website.  Their website has the capabilities to make product recommendations on webpages.  The default option from the software supplier is to present the best-selling products in the same department.  The company saw very few click throughs on those products.  Using the cross sell recommendations from the PowerBI model, they upload those recommendations into a table that the webserver accesses to make on page suggestions.  This method enhances the suggestions and they expect they will improve sell more quickly.  The company is measuring the number of items on orders to track effectiveness.

These are just a couple of uses that are possible.  We still have a couple of slots left to get our PowerBi cross sell AI at no charge.  Call or email me and I can get that setup.

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