Sell More On Your Website Using Your ERP Data

Collaborative Metrix has a deal for you!

We have taken our proven cross-sell methodology that has helped many distributors sell more on their website and placed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing into a Microsoft PowerBI dashboard.

The AI modeling inside the Microsoft PowerBI file takes in a spreadsheet of your past order detail data (only a few fields so the data needed in very simple to get from standard reports).

It runs an AI process which predicts the best products to cross sell.  The result is very similar to what you would see in websites like where the page recommends the user look at additional items they may wish to purchase based on the item they are viewing or what is in their webcart.

Your website and your in person salespeople will use the cross sell recommendations to make targeted suggestions to specific customers to increase the total sale value.

The cross-sell recommendations are viewable in interactive reports inside the PowerBI dashboard and can also be exported to a file for other applications or processes to use.

The idea behind this endeavor is to deliver to business executives and managers AI functions that previously were only available to data science teams at larger companies or to smaller companies as a consulting project.

For the first 5 respondents, we will give this AI model away at no charge.  The request is you provide feedback and participate in a web meeting to educate you on how the process works.  After that, you are free to use the AI process.

Email me at

Seriously, this is at no charge and comes with our experience and awesome customer training and support!

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