Santa’s New Algorithm – Naughty and Nice Classification

North Pole Augmented Intelligence

Santa’s data elves were hard at work this year.  With a tremendous workload, Santa struggles more and more each year to classify children between naughty and nice.  Fortunately, he heard this year Artificial Intelligence could help organizations like his.

After some education, he realized that what he wanted was better described as Augmented Intelligence.  Santa knew how to classify kids, he just needed a system to automate the process.  He especially wanted a real time update on December 24th.   Strange things can and do happen right before Christmas.

While we all think of Santa as the front man for Christmas presents, most of his time is spent managing a large organization.  An Augmented Intelligence classification system helps not just Santa on delivery night but also gift manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and so on.

Rather than having meeting after meeting throughout the year to educate new elves on the way children are classified and rather than have a team of elves examine reports weekly and more intensely on December 24th for last minute changes, Santa turned to Augmented Intelligence.

His new Augmented Intelligence classification system took the historical classification data, built a predictive model and then used that model to classify kids this year.  It updated its prediction automatically as new data came in.

Elves and Santa had access to the predictions through reports, but the changing classifications automatically got communicated to the gift manufacturing and fulfillment systems.  No more endless meetings or manual planning to do.

This saves a lot of time and a lot of work throughout Santa’s organization.

Based on this new information you now know if it is worth your hanging your stocking out or not.

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