Let me introduce you to AugI.

AugI can be employed by your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  AugI does not require a benefits package and will not expect raises or time off for good behavior.  AugI trains quickly and will routinely perform tasks daily, weekly, monthly or on any routine schedule you determine is best for your business. AugI won’t get complacent or let outside activities and personal distractions prevent it from doing the best job it always can.

You are almost certainly smart enough to know I am not talking about a person.  AugI is Augmenting Intelligence and is sometimes called Artificial Intelligence but our customers also think of it as  Automating Intelligence.

Please keep in mind AugI is not a product or a magic service covering all your business operations and processes.  Companies that are successfully employing AugI do so with focus and purpose.  AugI works on specific tasks and processes defined by managers who understand the realistic limits of AugI and don’t believe all the hype.  Typically, these managers already have access to the data, but they need AugI’s help interpreting it and applying gained insight to change operations.

AugI is a great hire for almost any company.

You can retrain AugI without negative feedback or resistance.  As a matter of fact, AugI can be trained to improve its own performance based upon results from its own work.  The ultimate self-improvement plan, that can not only be preplanned but will be monitored and results driven.  AugI will never suffer from personal issues or have an inflated ego.  You can trust AugI with all your top secrets and everything you know about your company, customers, vendors, competitors, and products.

As a matter of fact, AugI can combine information from your sales systems, accounting systems, warehousing systems, marketing and more to provide you with information that you would not be able to figure out otherwise.  Yes, AugI is a bit of a genius.  Yet in reality, AugI will only do what you wish it to but do it better than any other person you ever had to deal with.

Would you like to meet AugI?

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