…and Dashboards Are Like Flip Phones!

Remember flip phones?  A phone that folds to take up less space.  Awesome tech in the late 1990s.

Did the flip phone do anything different than its non-flip cousins?  No, but the form factor was much more convenient.  Plus, it was just a cool thing to have.

Dashboards are like flip phones.  They are cool to look at but don’t provide anything more than can be had from a standard report that summarizes data.  A well-done dashboard makes it easier to understand the past but doesn’t help project the future even as much as someone working in a spreadsheet with some simple formulas.

It does look pretty, though!

A company that does want to use their historic data to understand complex patterns or predict future trends needs more.  Augmented Intelligence, or AugI, is the answer.  Well done AugI will back integrate predictions or classifications into your existing systems and reports.  Placing AugI predictions into the historic context or an enterprise application screen makes consumption and use much easier than flipping between enterprise applications and dashboards trying to glean insight and apply it in real time.

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