Beware of the Top 10 Zombies – Reports that Live Forever

I wish I had dollar for every time someone used the term “top 10”.  I doubt more than a day goes by that I don’t see it somewhere on the internet and hear it in business conversations.  Almost all dashboards are littered with Top 10 charts to show off best customers, products and salespeople.

Like the rest of us don’t seem to matter.

What about the Bottom 10?  Walk around a distributor’s warehouse and look for products on shelves where dust is beginning to collect.  These products should be on a bottom 10 list.  They should be because they are eating up company profits.  A great business intelligence tool lists these cellar dwellers, and if applied smartly, helps you sell those and not replenish them.

That is the top and the bottom – I’m here to defend the rest of us because we matter a great deal.

What about that middle of the pack?  For example, what about a customer who is slowly beginning to purchase more and more from someone else?  Do you have a way to detect their migration away from your team?  You’ve been showing your top 10 salespeople their top 10 customer lists for so long that the average customer might just be beginning to feel neglected.  With predictive analytics and taking targeted prescriptive actions we can make certain all your customers get the attention they need and feel the love they deserve.  Why not make every customer feel like a top 10 customer?

Humans are pretty good at knowing who your top customers are, and which are your bestselling products.  Machines can do the heavy lifting for the rest.  Now even small to mid-sized distributors and manufacturers can afford to implement Artificial Intelligence and stop being a Top 10 Zombie!

You don’t have to purchase a new enterprise solution or expensive package to get there.  Let’s work together to analyze all your customers and products.  Let’s use the power of data to increase your profits, without drawing attention from the competition and the Zombie detectors your customers are using in their systems.

Let’s use the tools that allow us to monitor where your customers venture on your website to see what they are looking at, but not purchasing from you.  Or let us help your systems recommend that your average customer consider they purchase something from you that they may not have even considered purchasing from you before? Why, because your other customers who are like them have, and your machine knows that, even if your sales people don’t.

Your systems have the power to expand your focus beyond the Zombies without disturbing them.  Who knows, maybe we can even get more life out of them too!


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