What if…

… your business could get additional help without adding personnel?

… the work habits of your salespeople would warn you they are unhappy before they leave you?

… your past actions could predict the best time of day and frequency to contact your customers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both going to change how sales are made and not have much effect on how salespeople work- at the same time.

The best AI is going to enable salespeople to be more effective with the time and resources they have.  Certainly, AI will automate processes and even contact customers directly.  Those services are already becoming widespread even if companies may not be using them well.  Sales departments will get better at it over time to the point many interactions will be automated, and the customer will not know.

Well run sales organizations will take advantage of the technology to focus their salesperson efforts on high value contacts events.  Not every customer, even the most valuable, needs the personal touch on every contact event.  To boost efficiency, AI tells salespeople when the best time to contact customers is and which contact events should be left to the automated systems.

Likewise, AI can monitor salespeople activity.  Perhaps patterns of delayed calls or more emails than calls indicate the potential that salespeople may be looking to leave.  Excessive discounting or smaller average orders than expected may also be factors.  A lot of these warning signs might be specific to your organization.  Taken into an AI model, sales managers can more effectively monitor and manage more salespeople.

You can maximize your sales effort with smart AI.

What if … you could contact us to learn more today?

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