We Found Your Next Sales Hire

Finding employees today it is extremely challenging.  Fewer applicants to choose from, hard to find the person with the right experience and work ethics.  Do you agree?

Would you hire based upon the following criteria?

  • Already knows your customers
  • Already knows your products and services
  • Can tell you the history of who has bought what
  • Might be able to predict when and if they will likely order again and how soon
  • Knows which customers take advantage of discounts or not
  • Knows if they are likely to pay timely or slow pay
  • Knows which products or customers are most likely to need more personal attention
  • Can help support all your sales processes
  • Can assist all your purchasing people
  • Has never taken a sick day
  • Refuses to take a vacation
  • Can convince a customer to buy more

What makes this list even more exciting is this hire shares all this knowledge, experience and ability to predict the future with all your current staff.  Now, are you ready to hire?

If so, give us a call and ask us about AI.

No, not AL but AI = Artificial Intelligence.

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