The Perfect Hire – Not “Lazy” AL

One of our collaborative partners sells a service that helps to ensure the person you hire has the right temperament and tools to successfully perform the role they are hired for.  Albeit a great service that we highly recommend, I am only using this as a comparative example to state the case of my conundrum.

I am baffled why mid-sized companies are not investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Maybe they are still thinking like small business owners.  Small business people spend most of their resources trying to build or survive.  AI or Machine Learning isn’t even on their radar. However, Mid-Sized distributors and manufacturers have the resources to invest and might benefit the most from implementing AI.  In part, they too have a limit on resources and machine learning is more affordable than increased personnel.  Hiring another person to attempt to do what machine learning and AI can do requires superhuman capabilities.  The person you would have to be mathematicians, work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and lose emotional intelligence to not taint their decisions.

AI, on the other hand, is a perfect mathematician, can handle millions of transactions without breaking a sweat and is 100% logic based.  It won’t let a client slide simply because they like to talk to them.  The investment in applying machine learning is to increase sales and profits, reduce losses and minimize risk and the results are real and proven.  AI can be employed, never takes a vacation, sick day and will never quit because they fall in love.

If you are a mid-sized distributor or manufacturer, maybe it’s time for you to consider employing AI and not “lazy” AL (short for Albert, Alfred or Allison).

Oh, and while you are at it, ask me about Right Fit Profiles before you hire the next AL.


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