Machine Learning – Keys to Managing Sales

Have you ever heard this term?  “Salespeople, can’t live with them, can’t live without them”.  Or at least so I have been told.

Let it be known, I have worked for decades as a salesperson. We are often labeled as emotionally driven smooth talkers.  And when we are successful we are credited with the gift to be able to win the favor of prospects and loyalty from clients.  But define successful?  We always contend that our plates are full, we seem to be very busy, and our very best customers brag about us (with a bit of coaching) and somehow, we make our dollar targeted quotas.  That sounds good to us, but should it to you?

You invest in expensive CRM tools hoping that we keep good records of activities and communications.  You invest in social media to give us new ways to find and, hopefully, win the hearts of existing and new clients.  That is all and good, but is it enough?

It’s my contention that results derived from quantifiable actions will ultimately provide true success.  And to get there, the best way is to use machine learning coming from artificial intelligence (AI) to better direct activities and to reduce wasted time on pipe dreams and lackluster opportunity.  Let’s use quantifiable data to shed light on erroneous forecasting and provide feedback that can be acted upon with conviction.

Without AI, managing sales is a challenge driven by guesses, hunches, and unsupported predictions.  Think about it.

My company collaborates with a very successful placement company that provides over 95% success rate to predict that the salesperson hired, will perform successfully!  So, our collaboration guides you to hire the right person and our AI formulas monitor and prove over time that they succeeded.  AI models and predictions also provide results to guide new (and old) salespeople to chase the right customers, with the right incentives. It helps them sell what the customer will most likely need and at a price they will be happy to pay.  So, we all win.

We are confident that proper and proven implementation of a well-honed set of machine-driven models will help you be more successful.  We’ve done it before and we are more than willing to collaborate with you to do it again.

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