Question Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Always question artificial intelligence – but not just in the way it first sounds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to impact all areas of your business operations.  It is happening and coming fast to almost every industry.  Whether you succeed in using AI to improve your business operations or you only play with AI depends on asking the right questions.

Randomly trying different services and concepts trying to find something which makes your business better is a sure way to waste time and money.  That is the equivalent of seeing the answers and then trying to formulate a question.

To guide your journey to AI start with questions.  Ask questions using the usual question words:  how, who, when and what.

How do I increase the average number of items per order?

Who are my current customers most likely looking at other suppliers?

When should repeat customers order again?

What products sell best as first items to new customers?

I left out the question work “why”.  While some types of AI can answer the why, for most business questions about process, why is much more difficult for AI to answer.   For now, “why” questions are best left to people.

While the potential questions may be limited only by your imagination the reality is you need to limit your imagination.  Ask questions which will have an impact on business operations.

Ask the business questions and find AI solutions which provide the answers you can use.

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