Check Out the Concept

We really are on to something for small and midsized businesses.  The effect is fantastic for companies – gives them lots to think about and to act upon.

While the predicted information is best deployed inside of existing applications, that is often phase 2.   The first phase is making actual predictions.  Since there are likely millions of data points that we predict on a weekly basis the only effective way for a person to consume the massive amount of information is to summarize and view the predictions in a report or dashboard.

Here is an example of predicting the likelihood a customer will leave.  Often known as churn, our predictive modeling puts a relative percent chance for each customer.  Those with the highest percent chance are in the most danger of stopping their business with you.

This is a primary driver in you customer retention efforts. Without knowing who to focus retention activities on, salespeople just go on doing what they have always done.

This is a quick and easy way to see how our predictions are immediately actionable.

Customer Retention Targets

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