Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help give you a competitive advantage?

Are you pleased with the AI strategy and product you are creating or have created?

Are you looking for a collaborative partner who complements you and your team?

Collaborative Metrix works with software developers to create Artificial Intelligence strategies and applications.  We work with you, your customers, your developers, your marketing team, and your sales staff to create a dynamic and competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) deliverables.

We have worked with Independent Software Developers ISVs and end user customers to create usable and useful formula’, dashboards and powerful predictive results.

Rather than the traditional data science reports our methodologies provide you proven AI models that integrate into your systems or can create existing as stand-alone dashboards, warnings, action items and/or triggers within your suite of applications.

We start with genuine market research.  We add interviews with your customers and similar non-customers to ensure the process of defining what your market wants from AI.   We look at your data and other data sources to determine what AI functions are possible and optimal within the context of your applications.

Our deliverable to you is a plan for AI and for your organization to get AI to market. If you like what you learn, you also have the option to engage us to help develop, deliver and continue to enhance the solution.

We can help!

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